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Analytics Summit

2024, October 8/9 - Hamburg, Germany

Analytics Summit has consistently evolved. What once began as an event with a primary focus on Google Analytics-driven topics is now becoming an international conference covering a wide range of topics all around MarTech, Analytics, Conversion Optimization & Artificial Intelligence.Day 1 has half-day seminars, and day 2 is conference day.This year's keynote speakers include: Annemarie Klaassen, Juliana Jackson, Siobhan Solberg, and Sofia Staaf.


2024, October 9/10/11 - Virtual, Worldwide

MeasureSummit is about the world’s smartest data-driven marketers and analytics experts joining forces to share with you what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s working right now when it comes to measuring your marketing.The 2024 speaker line-up still has to be published, but among last year's speakers where: Simo Ahava, Julius Fedorovicius, Siobhan Solberg, and Julians Jackson.

EXL + Unite

2024, October 10/11 - Austin, TX, US

EXL + Unite is the successor to CXL live. This event will tackle advanced topics in experimentation.Half conference & half networking event, it's all about learning what works today and building relationships with industry peers. The event has roundtables moderated by in-house testing and data leaders at large testing programs.Keynote presentation from people like Lukas Vermeer, Melissa Weiss, Stewart Ehoff, and Shanelle Mullin.

Conversion Jam

2024, October 17 - Stockholm, Sweden

Conversion Jam is Scandinavia's Growth & Conversion Event. This single keynote track, English-spoken, conference is run by John Ekman and his team at Conversionista!This 1-day event started in 2010 and gathers 500+ participants nowadays. The 2024 website is launched and shows keynote presentations from people like Juliana Jackson, Daphne Tideman, and Colin McFarland.


2024, October 18/19 - Boston, MA, US

MIT CODE (Conference on Digital Experimentation at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a yearly scientific conference where papers on experimentation are discussed.The website for this 2-day event still needs to be published, but the event usually attracts experienced team members from high-velocity experimentation organizations like Linkedin, Meta, and Microsoft and (assistant) professors from universities like Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford.

The Conference known as Conversion Hotel

2024, November 22/23/24 - Texel, The Netherlands

Conversion Hotel is an experience like no other. This yearly 3-day event on Texel island in the Netherlands will push the boundaries of your knowledge and ignite a passion for experimentation and CRO within you.After last year's 10th anniversary celebration edition, the event will be optimized, and the 2024 ticket sales started!This year's keynote speakers include: Ruben de Boer, Diane Wiredu, Tim Ceuppens, Divya Isaiah, and Abi Hough.


Expected: 2025, January 27/28/29/30/31 - Hungary

Superweek in Hungary is a unique annual gathering of digital marketing professionals, analysts, and thought leaders of the measurement industry.This is five days of analytics in the 4-star starship-like Hotel Saliris in Hungary. In this off-the-grid location, you will get talks during the day, share dinner, and have engaging evening activities continued by hanging out with the best of the analytics industry while having drinks and snacks.

Experimentation island

2025, February 26/27/28 - St. Simons island, GA, US

The Conference known as Conversion Hotel is coming to the US and it's named Experimentation island.Passionate digital optimizers will spend 3 days sharing their knowledge, experiences and skills in the field of Product, UX, Marketing and Data. This event is limited at 200 attendees.√ Great speakers + a wonderful location
√ Inspiring content + two entertaining evenings
√ Good food & drinks + hotel stay included

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