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How to Web

2023, October 4/5 - Bucharest, Romania

How to Web is the leading startup & innovation conference in Eastern Europe. Builders of products, and businesses can tap into tomorrow’s insights. This is the place to be if you strive to drive impact through your professional skills.This event attracts 2500 attendees with a growth mindset. There’s a high chance that you’re currently reading a book, or using a framework by the principles of one of the How to Web speakers. This year's line-up include Ryan Singer, Janna Bastow, Joe Leech, Daphne Tideman, and Ton Wesseling.

Smashing Conference

2023, October 10/11 - Antwerp, Belgium

Smashing Conference has 2 days of talks (single track), but also has 2 workshop days, with plenty of friendly side events before and after the event. The conference will explore design systems, usability, inclusive design, UX research, product design, enterprise UX and design systems.Among the keynote speakers are Brad Frost, Kat Zhou, Luke Wroblewski, and Vitaly Friedman.


2023, October 11/12 - San Diego, USA

Opticon San Diego is Optimizely's yearly flagship event. Their 2023 event will explore the intersection of art and science – how the two work in tandem to drive better digital experiences while empowering the people who create them.You can gain fresh perspectives from a range of senior executives leading today’s most influential brands, like Angela Ahrendts, former SVP of Apple Retail and former CEO of Burberry. Opticon has satellite events in London (November 7th), and Stockholm (November 29th).

CXL Live

2023, October 16/17 - Austin, USA

CXL live is a 2-day event in downtown Austin. The conference changed formats after the pandemic and went from full days of back-to-back keynotes at an included resort to fewer and more conversations at an nice downtown Austin location.The updated format is designed to meet old friends and make new friends among the 250 attendees. A few keynotes inspire many small group roundtable sessions. The networking parties have stayed, and you'll get two of them.Day 1 is masterclass day with Emma Travis, Ben Labay, and Ton Wesseling. Day 2 is with keynotes from people like Peep Laja, Erin Weigel, David Mannheim, and Shiva Manjunath.

GrowthHackers Conference

2023, October 17 - Virtual event

GrowthHackers Conference is a full-day online event on October 17th, bringing together people who are driving business growth through experimentation.This conference is tailored for professionals in growth, marketing, product, experimentation, innovation, and CRO. You can register to the event live streaming for free. For those seeking the option to revisit sessions, recordings can be purchased, allowing you to learn at your own pace.This year's speakers include growth specialist from brands like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and Meta.

Conversion Jam

2023, October 26 - Stockholm, Sweden

Conversion Jam is Scandinavia's Growth & Conversion Event. This single keynote track, English-spoken, conference is run by John Ekman and his team at Conversionista!This 1-day event started in 2010 and gathers 500+ participants nowadays. Conversion Jam is finally back as an in-person event, and this year's keynotes include Arnout Hellemans, Jono Alderson, and Kenda Macdonald.


2023, November 10/11 - Boston, USA

MIT CODE (Conference on Digital Experimentation at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is a yearly scientific conference where papers on experimentation are discussed.This intimate, 200 attendees, 2-day event attracts experienced team members from high-velocity experimentation organizations like Linkedin, Meta, and Microsoft and (assistant) professors from universities like Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford.


2023, November 17/18/19 - Texel, The Netherlands

The Conference formerly known as Conversion Hotel is an experience like no other. This yearly 3-day event on Texel island in the Netherlands will push the boundaries of your knowledge and ignite a passion for experimentation and CRO within you. Great speakers and great attendees.The 2023 edition is the 10th year celebration of this English-spoken conference. Join this event, where knowledge, networking, and fun unite among the 250 attendees.This year's keynotes include Michael Aagaard, Joanna Wiebe, André Morys, Lucia van den Brink, and Els Aerts.

Experimentation Elite

2023, December 7 - London, UK

Experimentation Elite is the successor of Conversion Elite and Digital Elite Day. Organizers Jackie Bissell and Craig Rayner are now entirely focusing on experimentation with this bi-yearly event. Experimentation Elite is a single-track and English Spoken event. This December edition is expecting around 250 attendees.This conference has a Craig Sullivan workshop on the 6th.


2024, January 29/30/31 + February 1/2 - Hungary

Superweek in Hungary is a unique annual gathering of digital marketing professionals, analysts, and thought leaders of the measurement industry.This is five days of analytics in the 4-star starship-like Hotel Saliris in Hungary. In this off-the-grid location, you will get talks during the day, share dinner, and have engaging evening activities continued by hanging out with the best of the analytics industry while having drinks and snacks.

Marketing Festival

2024, February 20/21/22 - Brno, Czech Republic

Marketing Festival is back with three full days of presentations, discussions, networking, and parties. You’ll meet names synonymous with marketing. Join forces with the best in the industry. Leave with a head full of ideas and a clear path forward. An experience that will change your life!Every speaker is carefully scouted by Jindrich Faborsky and tasked with bringing the most interesting content. This year's speakers include: André Morys, Cassie Kozyrkov, Jono Alderson, and Steen Rasmussen.


2024, March 19 - Copenhagen, Denmark

Conversionboost is a yearly single-track and English-spoken event with around 200 attendees. Ole Gregersen runs this CRO-focused conference for the 11th time now.This number one CRO conference in Denmark has a strong international line-up ths year with speakers like Abi Hough, Daphne Tideman, John Ekman and Lucia van den Brink.

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