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Emerce Conversion & Analytics

2024, April 18 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Emerce Conversion & Analytics in Amsterdam is combining two long-existing events: Emerce Conversion and Emerce GAUC (the Google Analytics User Conference). This event attracts around 300 attendees and has plenary keynotes and parallel sessions in Dutch and English in 4 tracks.Among this year's speakers are Luiza de Lange, Mirjam de Klepper, Astrid Illum, David Vallejo, and Carly Boddy.

Experimentation Culture Awards

2024, May 23 - Virtual, Worldwide

The Experimentation Culture Awards is a yearly global award show that celebrates the growth of experimentation culture. Register your free ticket for the May 23 live broadcast.The live broadcast summarizes all nominated cases and mixes this with keynote presentations. The winners of this 5th edition awards will be revealed during the broadcast.You can submit your case stories until March 31, 2024.

Women in Experimentation Summit

2024, June 6 - Virtual, Worldwide

Women in Experimentation is running its first summit. It brings together a diverse mix of speakers working in the field of digital experimentation.The speakers have been selected carefully, and among them are: Eden Bidani, Gerda Vogt-Thomas, and Ruben de Boer.

Experimentation Elite

2024, June 11/12 - Birmingham, UK

Experimentation Elite is the successor to Conversion Elite and Digital Elite Day. Organizers Jackie Bissell and Craig Rayner are now entirely focused on experimentation with this bi-yearly event, which attracts around 250 attendees.This event is a single-track and English-spoken event. This time, there will be keynotes from David Mannheim, Els Aerts, Erin Weigel, and Paula Sappington.The conference also has an awards gala dinner and workshops + mentorship on the first day of the event.

Growth Marketing Summit

2024, June 19 - Frankfurt, Germany

Growth Marketing Summit is a yearly, 700-person event in Frankfurt focused on CRO and experimentation. It's run by André Morys and his team at Konversionskraft. It's a single-track event with English-spoken sessions only.This long-lasting event has always been one of Europe's strongest CX and Experimentation-related line-ups. This year, you can listen to speakers like Ioana Teleanu, Lukas Vermeer, Michael Aagaard, Sean Elis, and Shagun Aulakh.


2024, July 5 - London, UK

Nudgestock is the world's biggest festival of behavioral science and creativity, attracting those who want to understand the human animal.The theme of this year has yet to be set, but there's always an opportunity to change behavior. Keynotes from at least Rory Sutherland, others still need to be announced.

Yes, there will be a Conversion Hotel again

2024, November 22/23/24 - Texel, The Netherlands

Conversion Hotel is an experience like no other. This yearly 3-day event on Texel island in the Netherlands will push the boundaries of your knowledge and ignite a passion for experimentation and CRO within you.After last year's 10th anniversary celebration edition, the event will be optimized, but the save the date is launched, and there will be a Conversion Hotel again!

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